Friday, August 7, 2009

One in Christ

I picked up the phone today and dialed another mother in my parish. Our children are altar servers, and I needed to see if our kids could swap Masses this weekend.

I could tell from her voice that something wasn't right. "My mother passed away yesterday." My heart immediately hurt for Donna. I know this pain. "She was very sick. We expected it."

I know that doesn't make the pain go away. Right now, it's just a fact more than a consolation.

After the call ended, I thought of my dad. It's hard, Dad. I remember. Maybe, you can do something for Donna . . . or maybe for her mom. Not sure how it all works on that side of eternity. But I know you aren't just singing hymns. You are interceding. And Donna and the kids need a few prayers right now.

We are one in this Body - Donna. Her mom. Me. My dad. And you, too, even though you aren't in my parish, and probably not even in my diocese or country. We are one, because we are one in the Body of Christ. In joy. In grief. We are One.

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