Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making Metaphors

There are some things that I do because I have to do them, not because I want to do them. Like going to the dentist. Like taking my gigantic labradoodle in for a grooming appointment.

Like taking my perfectly-fine car in for a tune-up. The manufacturer has a recommended schedule for tune-ups. Sometimes, there is little for for them to do. Oil change. That kind of thing. And it doesn't take long, and it doesn't cost much.

Not so today. Today's tune-up will take at least three hours and cost about $600.
I'd like to blow it off. I'd like to stay home and clean the house. Do some laundry. Write a blog posting or two.

Being Catholic has changed everything, even the way I approach unpleasant errands, like car tune-ups.

Everything can be turned into a metaphor for intercessory prayer. Heaven knows, there are many Catholics out there who continue to receive the Eucharist, even though their souls are not in right order. Going to confession is more unpleasant to them than taking a car in for a costly tune-up. But it is far more necessary than automotive upkeep. Yet they put it off. Today, I'm offering up my little errand for them.

I'm praying that they don't wait for a total breakdown.

I'm praying that they don't decide to do silly little household chores instead.

I'm praying that they don't consider the cost at all - the cost of time, embarassment, or inconvenience.

Just that they go.


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