Monday, August 3, 2009

Jam-packed Day

This time of night, my thoughts always turn to the day's events. I somehow managed to send out my September mailing. And in between about 150 emails,

  • I fed my family,

  • returned a dvd to the library and paid the overdue fee that mounts over two weeks' time,

  • talked with my older daughter about infant baptism and explained the scriptural basis for it,

  • prayed that she would have my grandson baptized when he is born,

  • helped with my younger daughter's volleyball practice,

  • got the mail and found a letter from my high school friend who's been AWOL for a couple of years,

  • thanked God that she was okay and not mad about anything (so I can stop trying to figure out what I did wrong),

  • got word that my father-in-law is going home from the hospital a week and a half early,

  • praised God because that means the chemotherapy is working,

  • daydreamed about a short story I'd like to write, but probably won't get around to it before the idea pops out of my head,

  • cleaned up dog puke,

  • washed laundry,

  • and that's just the stuff I remember.

Overall, it was a very good day.

I pray that my day's efforts won't be in vain. That something in this day will matter in light of eternity. That I didn't just get through a day with a lot of things checked off my to-do list.

I pray that I was a good steward with the day God gave me.

Because, really, nothing else matters.


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