Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Bible Story of Elijah Comes Alive

I grew up with Protestants who made Old Testament stories as exciting as a big screen drama. But Protestants don't have a corner on that market. Today, I went to and read a piece by Deacon Keith Fournier.

He retells the story of Elijah and what a retelling it is!
Click here and read about Elijah. Find out if God is speaking to you through the life of this Old Testament prophet.

Here's a teaser:

"There is mystery here deep and profound—yet, as simple as the lesson learned under the broom tree by Elijah. God is searching for men and women who will surrender their lives in love to Him. "

Were you fed by the Eucharist today? Then you have been nourished just as Elijah was. It is time to get up, make the journey, climb the mountain, and hear God speak to you.


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