Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Word to Purge

The word irks me. I think it bothers me because it goes against everything the Fourth Commandment asks of us. Honor our father and our mother. Or, more comprehensively, honor our higher authority.

What is this word that I think we should purge?

Whatever. The word is Whatever. It needs to go, especially when it is said with an eye-roll and a bit of attitude.

We could replace it with a classic phrase from the Deep South. Yes, Ma'am. Or Yes, Sir. Either of those would work just fine.

Or a simple Okay.

If, however, one absolutely must express dislike. Simple English works quite well: I don't happen to agree with you. Or I don't understand this at all. Or I honestly disagree with you, but you are in charge.

Or a simple Okay.

But, the word Whatever. . . it just needs to go.


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