Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Secretary's Day

No, it's not really Secretary's Day, but I'm thinking of our church secretary. She's a gem. The right person for the right job.

When I was a new convert, I would wander into the church office, not really knowing why I was there or what I needed to hear, but she always had the right words. Those were moments of grace.

I get busy now - don't get there very often these days, but yesterday, I stopped by after a little Adoration time. There she was. Busy as ever. But she told me to take a seat. And then she asked me how I was doing. The conversation went from there. Neither of us knew where the spontaneous talking would lead us, but we have had enough of these kinds of moments to know that it will be a moment of grace.

God will show up. Something will be said. One of us will nod and wipe away a tear or two. And we'll be thinking of those shared moments for days.

God bless Margaret. And God bless all parish secretaries.

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