Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keeping Your Own Conversion Journal

Probably one of my most precious things is the journal I started writing in December of 2003. I started it because my husband suggested that I write down my thoughts as I watched my father go through a terrible health crisis.

I took John's advice. It was the best advice I have ever received.

In the two years to follow, I filled up three spiral notebooks. I didn’t realize I was capturing the transformation of my soul. I was just writing words. Thoughts. Doing something that seemed cathartic. But those spiral-bound thoughts are very dear to me today, as I stand on this side of that profound conversion.

In The Way of the Pilgrim, the writer quotes one venerable Callistus Telicudes who says, One ought not to keep thoughts about God and what is learned by contemplation, and the means of raising the soul on high, simply in one’s own mind, but one should make notes of it, put it into writing for general use and with a loving motive (French 51).

If you don't keep a journal of your faith journey, I highly recommend that you start doing it. Begin by reading and responding to the daily readings at Mass. If you cannot go to daily Mass, read them on your own. Jot down your thoughts. Don't stop there. Write about anything. Write about everything. Life contains many spiritual metaphors. See if you can start recognizing them in your own life.

All is grace - as St. Therese said. If you pay attention to your life, you will begin to see that she was right.


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