Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If Only I Could Speak Portuguese

Someone from Brazil left a comment today. Pretty cool. Only problem is this: I don't speak Portuguese.

But, from the little bit of Spanish that I do know, I could guess at a few words that looked like something I once learned in Spanish. One can never be sure, though, as Portuguese is not Spanish. And I barely know Spanish.

Even so, it was a real joy to see the comment-that-I-couldn't-quite-read. It represents something that makes me really excited. Our faith is universal. People see the name of this blog and because they are Catholic (and because the Catholic faith is in every nation, for every people, of every tongue), I get visitors from every corner of the world.

And we have this one thing in common. We are all Catholic by grace.

So, here is a short list of visitor locations from just the last 24 hours: Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Malaysia, South Africa, and Dominica.

And yesterday: Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Republic of Korea, and the Netherlands.

I"m quite sure that a blog with another faith affiliation would not generated the same global response. You see, it isn't really that this blog is so fantastic as much as it is a sign of the universal Church. The Catholic Church. And the fact that she alone has truly gone into every part of the world for Jesus Christ, with the mission of spreading the Good News.

So, if you are a visitor from a far away place, thanks for stopping by and reminding me, by your visit, that this faith - which I now call my own - is truly universal!


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