Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bringing it Home, through Catholic Radio and Catholic TV

Photography by Jerry Naunheim Jr. and Lisa A. Johnston (St. Louis Review)

Yesterday, I had a plan. Get to the store, finish the errands, get back in the car by 2:00, and home as quickly as possible. My grown son and his wife were coming for a visit, and I had a list of things to do before they arrived.

Just minutes after 2:00, I closed the trunk on the groceries and my daughter and I climbed in the car and headed home. Immediately, the sound coming from my radio reminded me of what day it was, what time it was, what profound thing was happening just an hour away.

The Installation Mass of Archbishop Carlson to the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

I listened as I drove. I could almost imagine the beauty and splendor thanks to the sounds coming to me through the blessing of Catholic radio.

As soon as I arrived home, I dashed inside and quickly stuffed groceries into the refrigerator and pantry. Then, I grabbed the remote and turned on the television. There it was. Living proof that Our Lord has preserved His Church, through the miracle of an unbroken line of Apostolic Succession, and St. Louis - indeed the entire world - is the beneficiary of this gift.

Archbishop Carlson began his homily. By now, my daughter and husband had joined me in the living room, and we watched together. Soon after he began speaking, the camera scanned a group of priests - and there was our parish priest! What a thrill.

All of the connections were there. A representative from the Holy Father. Those shepherds who had come before Archbishop Carlson to care for the flock in this archdiocese, the new Archbishop, and the priests and faithful. Yes, even my priest. To whom I confess. To whom I go to receive Our Eucharistic Lord Jesus Christ.

One Body in Christ.

It is good to have a new Archbishop. It is good to be one Family. It is good to know I have a place at the Table.


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