Wednesday, June 3, 2009


VATICAN CITY, 1 JUN 2009 (VIS) - Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for June is:

"That international attention towards the poorer countries may give rise to more concrete help, in particular to relieve them of the crushing burden of foreign debt."

  • Okay, United States. This one, we can do. We don't like to think about it, especially in today's economic crisis, but we are in the best position to fulfill the Holy Father's prayer. As American Catholics, we are quick to take a stand for life issues (as we should). We are willing to stand in the gap for the unborn and the elderly (as we should). We readily voice our support for traditional marriage (as we should). What do we do with the Holy Father's prayer intention for June 2009?

  • Do we really care for the poor, here and abroad?

  • Or are we "conservative" where we choose to be conservative and silent (and stingy) when the Holy Father asks us to remember the poor of other nations?

  • Is there an initiative for them? Where is the petition that says, "President Obama, remember to relieve the crushing burden of foreign debt that cripples poor nations"?


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