Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Night Alive (in Christ)

In my young adult years, I probably would have said that Catholics who attend Saturday evening Mass were probably just trying to fulfill their obligation while simultaneously preserving Sunday for less-than-holy things.

Or maybe they were getting to Mass early so they could party all night and sleep in late the next day.

And now, I'm the Catholic who attends Saturday vigil Mass (though I attend Sunday Masses almost as frequently - it all depends on when our daughter is scheduled as an altar server).

So, like we do on so many Saturdays, my husband and I attended Mass last night - and our daughter served. I woke up this morning and logged onto Universalis to read the Office and Morning Prayer. I found myself wanting to go to Mass again this morning. Why? Because I simply love Mass. It doesn't lessen my love for God to go to Saturday Mass. In fact, it sets the tone for the next 24 hours. It begins the Lord's Day, which runs from sundown to sundown (a traditional Jewish way of marking a 24 hour day). The Lord's Day - which we keep holy - sundown to sundown. It's a very Catholic thing.

God forgive me for ever judging another's soul.

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