Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cutting Grass and Turning Corners

Yesterday, I gave my daughter her first lesson in cutting grass.

We went over the safety tips, and then I divided off a section of the yard that was flat and relatively easy to cut. I walked beside her and reached out for the handle to help her maneuver when she needed help.

I found out very quickly, she needed the most help when she turned corners. She either didn’t turn deep enough to get a full swipe at the taller grass (which meant she was going over and over the already-cut parts) or she turned so deep that she almost caught my toes where I stood on the other side of the mower.

I learned quickly to stand as far behind her as possible and watch out for corners.

Life is like that. I think the most dangerous moments in life are the moments we turn corners. When we are learning to drive a car. When we leave home. When we go to college. When we choose a spouse. When we make career moves or make serious purchases.
We have a choice: turn wildly and not make any progress or (worse yet) expose ourselves and others to danger OR turn wisely (listening to the voice of authority and experience) and make progress and remain safe in the process.

A great definition of the word repentance is "to turn from" – and Mother Church is there to help us make that turn.

She is there to help us make progress and avoid turning into more danger.

If you haven’t been to confession in quite awhile, make sure you go this weekend. You aren’t merely protecting your toes; you are making sure your soul is whole and healthy.

And watch out for those corners!


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