Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Does God Want Me To Do?

It is the age-old question. I think Americans wrestle with it more than any other culture. Too many distractions. Too many opportunities. So many appealing good works that one could pursue. But there are times when even good works pull us away from the work for which we were created.

And so, I offer you a quote from one of my top two favorite saints of all time, St. John of the Cross. (#1 is St. Teresa of Avila)

For you see, I know in the quiet of my heart what I am to do. I sense it when I receive the Eucharist. I hear it spoken to my deepest soul when I am in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

And this is what keeps me steady, like the ballast in the hull of a great big ship. I have placed this saint's instruction on my calendar as a recurring message. It pops up every day, lest I waffle or forget.

"What does it profit you to give God one thing if He asks of you another? Consider what it is God wants, and then do it."

-St. John of the Cross


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  1. What a fantastic quote. I just read a bunch of St. John of the Cross quotes on Quote Catholic. Have you seen that website? It's

    Love your blog!