Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Without Dad

There's always a moment on Father's Day that makes me quiet and a little sad. It would be nice just to have a hug. To say I love you one more time. To sit with Dad and tell him how things are going. I miss him. And I'm beginning to think that ache will never go away.

Every Father's Day without Dad is a cross. It is a definite cross.

And I know what to do with crosses. I've been Catholic long enough to know what to do. I offer it up to the Cross of Christ and make it into a prayer.

So, Dad. I miss you. But I believe love doesn't end. I believe we can still pray for each other. We can still pray with each other. And I believe that the prayers you pray are more efficacious than ever - since you are that much closer to the Throne of Grace.

You've always known my heart, Dad. And so, I know you have my petitions in your pocket. Take them with you to the Throne of Grace.

Here's the wonderful thing about moments like these. I end up realizing that it really isn't a Father's Day without Dad.

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