Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pope St. Gregory the Great (540 - 604) on the Papacy

From New Advent

"There cannot be the smallest doubt that Gregory claimed for the Apostolic See, and for himself as pope, a primacy not of honor, but of supreme authority over the Church Universal. . . he speaks of 'the Apostolic See, which is the head of all Churches' . . . he says: 'I, albeit unworthy, have been set up in command of the Church.' As successor of St. Peter, the pope had received from God a primacy over all Churches. His approval it was which gave force to the decrees of councils or synods, and his authority could annul them. To him appeals might be made even against other patriarchs, and by him bishops were judged and corrected . . ."

"As regards the Church of Constantinople, he writes, 'who can doubt that it is subject to the Apostolic See? Why, both our most religious lord the emperor, and our brother the Bishop of Constantinople continually acknowledge it.'"


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