Friday, May 15, 2009

Teach Me How To Pray - And To Know Whose Help To Enlist

One of my favorite quotes is the famous saying by St. Therese, "All is grace."

The beauty and truth of this saying pops up everywhere - if you are willing to see the Hand of God in the little things.

Case in point: Lately I've been worried about my daughter - the grown daughter who is still trying to grow up.

Sometimes, I don't know how to pray for my own children. As they enter adulthood, I'm not even sure what their needs are anymore. What do I say when I pray?

More specifically, which saints are best equipped to help me intercede. This non-Catholic daughter doesn't even have a patron saint. So, I'm on my own to figure this out.

Which brings me to the email I received yesterday from my grown, poodle-loving daughter. She writes, "I thought you would appreciate this picture."

I certainly do. Now I know who to ask for help with intercession.

Everything really is grace.

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