Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Endings

Life isn't like good fiction. It doesn't end well - as far as I can tell from an earthly point of view.

Someone we love dies suddenly. A friendship sort of just slips away. People who were hugely important in our lives at certain points - well, we can't even remember their names after a few decades.

We don't usually get that great wrap-up moment for a Hollywood goodbye. A chance to say how much someone meant to us.

Too much is left undone. Untied. Unfinished. Definitely not good fiction.

I believe one of the great benefits of the Communion of Saints is that we will have the chance to have perfect "communion" on the other side. No hurt feelings to get in the way. No tragedies to tear us from each other when we aren't ready. All of eternity to be together without feeling rushed. No complicated relationships.

Finally, a chance to tie up those loose ends and have that happy ending - except it won't have to end. Take another look at the shoelaces. Notice, they form a heart. I chose the picture for that reason. The untied ends will come together well - one day.

And if you are struggling with a particularly difficult ending, visit Our Lord in Adoration. He is the source of the pending happy ending. He alone orders all things well.


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