Saturday, May 9, 2009

Discernment and God's Will for Me: Books I Would Like to Read Next

I always have this running list of books that I want to read next. It's like God uses people in my life to whisper where He wants me to "pan for gold". Sometimes it is in a new place or sometimes He simply wants me to dig deeper right where I am.

Here are a few on the list.

From a guy named Paul who commented on friend's Facebook (I don't know Paul at all):

"I have found in my life so far that when we try to impose what we think our life should be that we are truly lost. We must let go and just deal with what God wants from us at each present moment. All we have is the present moment. Seek to do God's will in the present moment and the rest will fall into place. Oh yeah I also found great peace in this book:

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence
By Father Jean Baptistle Saint Jure S.J.
Saint Claude De La Colombiere S.J."

From a dear friend and spiritual mentor on the subject of discernment:

"I can share this much. The two books I'd get to start with discernment are:

1) The Discernment of Spirits; and

2) Spiritual Consolation.

Both are by Timothy M. Gallager, O.V.M. You can probably order them through Barnes and Noble. The first teaches about the difference between 'consolation' and 'desolation', movements of the spirit by which we can discern if something is of the Lord or not. "


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  1. I wished to second that. Toimothy Gallager books are an amazing glimpse into the working of God in our lives.