Saturday, May 16, 2009

Asking God for Good Things

I petition Our Lady of Grace for many things.
I always approach the Body and Blood of Our Lord with joy in my heart. But I always have a concern that I leave at the altar.

I never waste that moment in the Mass where the priest asks for silent petitions. I'm always a beggar before God.

These moments are usually filled with some degree of heartache, because I'm usually standing in the gap for someone I love, begging for healing of body or soul.

But Thursday evening, at the Confirmation Mass, I did something I rarely do.
I asked God for a very joyous thing. The idea of it sends my spirit soaring. And I thought of Our Lady, who requested that first miracle of Her Son. It was not a request to raise someone who was sick or dead. It was not a request for healing of body or soul.

They have no wine.

So, I asked God to send more vocations to the priesthood. And, if it is possible, let one of those vocations be placed upon my own grandson. (I don't have any grandchildren yet, so I may be a little ahead of the curve.)

To appreciate the full measure of the miracle, you must understand that I come from a family that has been Protestant for centuries. My father was a Protestant minister. I converted just a few years ago. I have four children. Only one of them is Catholic. The possibility of having a grandson who senses a call to the priesthood is, well, practically impossible.

But so was the miracle of turning water into wine. And so, I asked.

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