Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Piano Lessons and Faith Lessons

My piano lessons were on Monday nights. I still associate Monday evenings with Mrs. Barclay and the tap, tap, tap of her pencil on the piano as she tried to drill a sense of rhythm into my mind.

My daughter has piano lessons on Tuesday nights. She doesn't know it, but I always have a sense of dread on Tuesdays, and I'm not even the one having the lesson. It's just that it's hard. You always feel inadequate.

There's never a moment when you have it all figured out. You never graduate from piano lessons. You just keep doing it or you quit.

The faith journey can feel like this. In fact, some mothers opt out of raising their children in the Church because of their own memories, their own sense of inadequacy. And yet, we get our children into piano classes, because we know it is good for them. We sign them up for team sports, because we know it is good for them. We make them go to school and do their homework and read books. We make them do all those things that are really good for them.

And yet, some parents drop the ball on faith formation because of their own "demons."
If that's what has happened in your family, then maybe it's time you set aside those memories and do the right thing.

Introduce your children to the faith.

Now, I think I will go play the piano a few minutes before my daughter's lessons. That's when I remember that it was indeed worth it all.

Most things that are "good for you" are worth it all in the end.

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