Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Turning of Time . . . and grace

I woke up this morning and checked my email as I always do. Sitting in my inbox were two suggestions for Facebook friends, both friends from high school.

It is strange to reconnect with people who knew me when I was Denise Johnson. I barely remember that girl.

I always wonder what they will think when they discover that the preacher's daughter they once knew is now a Catholic writer - and vocal about her love for the Catholic Church.

I probably overestimate what they will think. Maybe I'm the only one who is surprised by such a turn of grace.

Even so, I live my life, both private and public, the same way. I am Catholic first. And it shows. Or at least, I pray it shows. I don't talk about it with every breath, but I do talk about it. And I try to say yes to every opportunity to share the story of grace.

Because I never know who God is after. Maybe He is working in the lives of someone I know and love. Maybe one of these Facebook friends will be next in line to be surprised by a turn of grace.


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