Thursday, July 23, 2009

Care Packages From Mother Church

Do you have semi-grown children like I do?
If so, you probably send care packages to them. Sweet treats. Toiletry items. Good things they might not think to buy. And of course, home made goodies.

Mother Church does the same thing for us.
When we leave Mass, we aren't on our own. Grace goes with us. It shows up when we need it most. When we are having a tough day. When we are at work. At home with family. Or when we feel as alone as a grown kid on his first day in the dormitories.
I thought about this today when I mailed a care package off to my daughter. I smiled, thinking about how excited she will be when it arrives. What she will think of each thing in the box.
How it might prompt her to call home - just to say thanks.
And that is how it is for us - when the Blessed Mother pours grace upon grace into our lives, in moments we least expect it.
Kind of makes you want to pick up the phone (or a Rosary) and say thanks, the care package arrived safely - and you know what, it made my day.

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