Friday, July 3, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose

Do you remember that children's game, duck-duck-goose? We would all sit on the ground and one child would circle the group along the outer edge, tapping each child's head and saying, duck, duck, duck. Then, when we least expected it, he would announce loudly, "Goose!" And the tagged "goose" would stand to his feet and chase the announcer around the circle.

I was thinking about that game and realized that I play a version of it in my own head. This is how it goes: I have a mental picture of all the people I know and love who have not yet discovered the beauty of the Catholic Church.

I imagine the Holy Spirit is the "Announcer". He circles these dear ones, and whispers a name. Duck? No. Probably not that. But something. Maybe Lambkin. Lambkin. Lambkin. And I'm sitting there wondering, who will be next. Who will the Holy Spirit single out next to make the journey outside the collective mindset, round and round until It (the Catholic Faith) makes sense - all of it - and this chosen one "catches" what the Holy Spirit is offering.

Will it be one of my siblings? One of my older children? One of their spouses? One of my many, many cousins? The preachers? The missionaries? The farmers?

And I keep waiting. I know what's coming. When I least expect it, the Holy Spirit will announce who is next.

The new Sheep will stand to her feet and begin her pursuit of the Holy Spirit. That's how it will seem at first. And then, we will all realize - along with the chosen one - that it is the Holy Spirit that is chasing after her, and not the other way around. And when He catches her, and tags her, they will fall together to the ground in a burst of laughter.

And then the Holy Spirit will go on to tag another.


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  1. Wow!! That's awesome! I feel the same way. It was so close to I feel it's scary. It must be the Holy Spirit! ;)