Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Clues Are Everywhere!

You gotta be amazed by today's OT reading.

Abraham climbs the same mountain where Jesus Christ will be sacrificed. The same one! And Abraham takes his son with him. He loads wood upon his son's back and makes him carry the wood for the sacrifice up the mountain. Yes, wood upon his back! (Do you wonder if Isaac stumbled three times as they went up the mountain? I wouldn't be surprised.) Though Abraham loves his son more than anything in the world, he willing offers to God this most precious gift. And he takes up the knife to spill his own son's blood.

Before the father and son duo head up the mountain, Abraham tells the other men that they will be back. They are going up to worship God, and they will return.

Even this part of the text hits home for me. What is true worship? The greatest form of worship (in God's view) is the Sacrifice of the Son (the Sacrifice of the Mass).

I am sure you see many more parallels in today's OT reading. I would love to hear your thoughts on this - or any of the other prefigurements of the New Covenant, the Mass, Our Lady, and the Catholic Church.


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