Wednesday, July 8, 2009

101 Things You Must Never Do - #11-#15

101 Things You Must Never Do- If You Want to Remain Protestant

Number Eleven: You must never read anything by Protestant ministers who have converted to the Catholic Church.

Number Twelve: You must never read books by Catholic publishers. (Always stick with books by Protestant publishers and even avoid the secular publishing companies. They like to publish books about the Saints and Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II - they just can't be trusted.)

Number Thirteen: Never listen to the conversion stories of former Protestant ministers and theologians like Scott Hahn, David Currie, Marcus Grodi, Alex Jones.

Number Fourteen: Never research how many former Protestant ministers have actually converted to the Catholic Church. When you discover that it has been about a thousand in recent years, you will find yourself wondering why the professionals would leave their denominations and the only source of income they have - just to be Catholic. That's professional suicide, you'll say.

Number Fifteen: Never read Surprised by Truth I, II, or III. This series by Patrick Madrid is sure to make you want to convert. And, whatever you do, never befriend one of the writers in the second book (but I'll post more about that on July 16).


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