Monday, August 30, 2010

Ultrasound TODAY!

10:00 A.M.

Today is one of those days that will rarely come again, and I am enjoying the anticipation. Sometime in the next few hours, my daughter will call and tell me whether my second grandchild will be a boy or whether it will be a girl.

The knowledge will make the whole pregnancy seem more real. The knowing will affect my daydreams and store purchases. But the truth is that this little one is real, and that reality has nothing to do with what I know. He or she has existed from the moment of conception. The day my daughter discovered that she is pregnant didn’t make it a reality any more than this day – the day we learn whether the child is a boy or a girl. These are special moments. These are the days when God lets us in on what He has already done.

There is a danger in this world of discovery, this era of early pregnancy tests and 3-D ultrasounds. There is a danger that we will begin to consider ourselves to be the source of reality. It’s as though we really think that the true existence of life begins with our acceptance of the reality. With our excitement. With our blessing.

But in our deepest hearts, we know that is not true. These moments simply confirm what God has already done.

The pregnancy test did not determine whether or not my daughter was expecting a baby. She was already pregnant. The test simply revealed what God had already created in secret. The ultrasound will not determine whether I am having another grandson or if it will be a granddaughter this time. The procedure simply reveals what God has already decided in secret.

We are not the authors of truth. We are the discoverers of truth.

Some say that reality is perception; that is not true. The real already is. Truth predates human perception. We are reading the greatest adventure of all time. God’s unfolding story.

And later today, I will discover what God has already written in the next chapter of our family’s life.

Boy or girl?

Today is the day of discovery. Check back later to find out what God already knows.

1:13 PM - It's a BOY!!!

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