Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God Is Not A Crutch

Today's New Testament reading proves it.

God is not a crutch. He does not come to make the spiritually weak or sick ones hobble through life on spiritual crutches. He comes to make us new.

The world tells us that God is not necessary for the strong, the beautiful, the intelligent. The world believes that God is a fantasy for the weak, the ugly, and the stupid.

Easter isn't about handing a crutch to the spiritually crippled. It is about healing them. Changing them. Saying to them, rise up and walk. God has healed you. And in reality, we were all made weak through sin. For this reason, we are all in need of this healing.

We are not weak ones with crutches. We are being made new and whole. We are being sanctified day by day.


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