Friday, April 10, 2009

The Cross of Christ

It may not seem strange to you, but I am still getting used to it. On Good Friday, after the Liturgy of the Word, we go forward and venerate the Cross.

There aren't very many times when I still feel like a neophyte, but this night is one of them. I feel my Catholicity fully tonight.

And yet, I am glad to be part of this faith tradition. I cannot describe what it does to my soul to see each person kneel and kiss the Cross of Christ. The beautiful and youthful ones. The aged. The littlest child. My husband. My daughter. The priest. The altar servers. My friend. A student from my confirmation class.

And yes, even me.

It is a sacred moment, and as far as I know, no other faith tradition does this. It is Catholic. So very Catholic.

Then, we receive the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would imagine that this is a very special night for those who suffer, and most especially those with terminal illness.

First, we venerate of the Cross and then the Eucharist comes to us on this - the night of his death.

It touches my heart to see the very infirm, canes in hand and those wheeled to the front, those without hair from chemo, or those frail from age, each one kneeling the best he or she can, to kiss the Cross.

And then a small child comes. To kiss the Lord's crucified feet.

All of us, on a journey to Easter promises, but realizing that Easter Morning only comes by way of the Cross.

It is almost too much. My heart is full, and I am blessed to be Catholic.

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