Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Experimenting with Happiness

I'm sensing a new and exciting addition to my faith journey, and I'm inviting you to come along.

I'm trying to spend each day and each moment in St. Augustine's definition of happiness, finding many and varied ways to let the Holy Spirit inspire and let Jesus act through me. I am not there yet; it is a journey.

But I'm wondering how life would change if I did that. Could be really fun - not as the world defines fun, but more like the saints would define fun, or rather HAPPINESS.

So let's see. Can the happiness and contentment I feel when I'm on my knees - having just received Holy Communion - last and last and last?

Teach me, St. Augustine, the path to lasting happiness. Show me how to awaken my soul to every inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Without fear . . .

Yes, even fear, let me give that as a gift to my God.

Fear that someone will take advantage of my time
Fear that I will over-extend myself and have no time at all
Fear that I might become too generous with my resources
Fear that I will miss out on some "cooler" ministry because I have given to everything else
Fear that I do not have the talent to do each thing well
Fear that I will have to say "no more" to something mid-stream
Fear that I will lose the grip on my life and it will not be my own anymore . . .



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