Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Judge not, lest you be judged.

I'm finally wearing my rings again.

When my granddaughter (Eliana) was in the NICU, we had to remove all jewelry and watches so that we could do the two-minute iodine scrub. It was just easier to put the rings away and wait for the NICU crisis to pass.

So, it's a good sign that the rings are back on my fingers.

I knew it was possible that people would think I wasn't married since I wasn't wearing my wedding ring. They might think that I was poor, because I didn't wear my watch and all of my fingers were ring-less and my fingernails were short and I hadn't had a manucure in a year.

It didn't matter to me. Each time my mind paused to look at my hands, each time my mind did that momentary "oh, no, where are my rings?" I would make it a moment of prayer.

God, heal Eliana. Send an abundance of grace to my son and daughter-in-law.

The absence of rings reminded me to pray.

I still need to be reminded to pray without ceasing, but now that the rings are back, I have to do something else. So, today, I put on my big crucifix.

I know it is possible that people will think I am a nun or a religous nut. Some may think that I think that I am holy.

And that's okay. This necklace is big enough to grab my attention a hundred times a day - like a clarion call to pray.

Sometimes, it's the absence of things that reminds us to pray.

Sometimes, it's the presence of things that reminds us to pray.

The important thing is to pray.

And let the judges worry about themselves.

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