Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Already Miss It

I already miss it.

I had already started thinking about how much I'm going to miss certain foods and little indulgences here and there. Snacking. Unlimited beverages. Eating out too much.

I had already started thinking about praying a daily Rosary. Going to daily Mass. Truly trying to pray all day long - without ceasing - no matter what else is going on.

I had already started imagining how we could give more, what to put the money toward, how to keep giving though I resigned from teaching recently, and our income just took a big hit.

I had already started thinking about Lent - though it doesn't start for a few days.

But I hadn't thought about the Alleluia. I hadn't thought about how much I love saying the word - singing the word - proclaiming it with the entire Body of Christ every Sunday.

The word was everywhere in Mass today. And right in the middle of Mass, it hit me... The Alleluia is everywhere today because it's about to be put away. We are being given one more chance to live this word, love this word, linger awhile longer with this word.

I blinked back tears. I'm like that. Kind of emotional at times. Especially when I'm taken off-guard by Jesus Christ - or by His beautiful, holy, universal, enduring Church.

I think I'm going to miss the Alleluia the most.

It will be okay. The great Alleluia will be ours again. We can put it aside. Together, we can tuck it away - along with the snacks and beverages and excesses of life. Together, we can fill those spaces with Christ crucified.

One Body.

One Mind.

One Heart.

The grace of these 40 days always takes me by surprise. What I could never do alone, I am able to do when I get to do it with the entire Church. Isn't that about the most amazing thing you've ever thought about? What you can't possibly do on your own, you can totally do by the grace God imparts to His Church! And there is great grace for all those who enter the season of Lent -- with Christ. For now, I will linger with the word a few more hours...


What an amazing word!

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  1. Hi, Denise! Carol fom Kansas here...Your article on the "Alleluia" brought to mind how if you sing "Alleluia" to almost any melody it always works out...try it sometime...but not during Lent! Hope your granddughter is doing okay. God bless!