Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hoberman and the Transformable, Expandable Toy

This morning, I sat at the computer and sipped coffee. I do it every morning.

I was thinking about a toy that our daughter and her cousin loved to play with when they went to grandma and grandpa's house.

It is called the Hoberman Expandable Sphere.

I googled it and there it was. The article said that Hoberman's favorite time of the day is the morning - as he sips his coffee and thinks about the possibilities of the day.

Kinda cool, because that's exactly what I was doing.

I've been thinking about Hoberman's Sphere. And yes, I see something about the Faith in it. Well, actually, I think it reveals what the mind goes through as it begins to understand things of the Faith.

At first, the understanding is small; the subsections of faith matters are so small they let only a little bit of the faith pass through.

And that narrow gap of understanding in one area affects all the other areas, all the other subsections.

If I don't have room for one thing to grow in my heart and mind, then another area stays small too.

But here's the cool part. Here's the really great part of it all.

If I let even one area of my heart expand to receive more of the Faith, then all of the other areas expand as well.

And my Faith grows exponentially.

Right now, I'm growing in my understanding of the Body of Christ. We are incorporated into the Corpus Christi.

And the really goofy thing about how my mind works is that other areas of the Faith are expanding right along with that deeper understanding.

It affects my thinking about the Communion of Saints.

It changes my appreciation for the works of mercy. Charity. Seeing Christ in others.

It helps me to grasp the idea of purgatory, where we will be completely perfected and seamlessly grafted into the Body of Christ.

I see that there is more similarity between sancta and sancti - and it goes far beyond the linguistic similarities.

You get the idea.

Opening myself to one part of Truth means that my understanding of the full scope of Truth expands. The kind of scary thing is this... there is an expandable sphere for false-truth too. And if I open myself up to that, my self-deception grows exponentially. Two spheres. The same principles apply.


That's pretty amazing, I think, as I sip my morning coffee.

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