Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tulips for Secretaries & Grandsons

It is a simple truth.

Notice the Blessed Mother at the left? It is a reminder that
she is always present - when we choose life & joy.
When I choose to live in love, all the love I've ever shared comes back to me...washes over me, like a gentle rain. And I feel joy.

When I choose to live for me, especially at another's expense, all the selfish acts I've ever done come back to me... crash over me, like a tidal wave. And I feel anguish.

The joy brings life.

The anguish brings a living death.

The joy is immediate and lasting.

But so is the anguish.

I choose.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. (Joshua 24:15)

Today, I choose to live by love.

This morning, I went to my garden and cut some tulips for the school secretary. I handed the flowers to my daughter as she got out of the car. By now, she has passed the love on to the school secretary.

Two days ago, I cut a tulip for my grandson. When I dropped him off at home, I handed the flower to
him and reminded him that he could give it to his mommy.

It made him smile, and within minutes, it made his mom smile. I'm still smiling.

In the middle of these simple acts, I remembered something.

I rediscovered the joy of all the times in my life that I have chosen to give myself away.

And it was very good.

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