Monday, April 15, 2013

A Prayer Request from Kim

Denise - you don't know me.  I just ran into your blog while listening to How Beautiful by Twila Paris.  A friend had sent me the link.  Then I ended up on your blog.  NOT I do no believe in accidents.  So I believe God led me to your blog and now i believe He is asking you to pray for me.   I had an abnormal mammogram on March 29th and then had another and an abnormal ultrasound on April 3rd.  Had a biopsy on April 9th and now have been diagnosed with cancer in both breasts.  I don't know any more as I see the dr. today but if you could pray for me that would be wonderful.  we have 3 beautiful boys.  Two of which we homeschool and the other went to a Catholic High School and is now at Maryville University in St. Louis.   My husband is a convert to the faith and I am a cradle Catholic.   Please pray for me and my family and get any prayer warriors to do the same. 
God bless you,



UPDATE: biopsy came back, and it is Stage One! Thanks be to God. Kim is so thankful! Please keep her in your prayers!


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