Sunday, May 8, 2011

You can do far more than you think you can!

It's Mother's Day. In the United States, that's supposed to be a day when mothers are pampered. They get a break because they deserve it.

I had a present waiting for me this morning. A new NAB Bible. I have a tattered copy, one I bought for five dollars when the Marian Council was clearing inventory. It was paperback and bulky and I'd taken scores of notes as I made my way through those first few years as a Catholic convert.

It was about time for the new Bible.

And there were other perks this Mother's Day, but quiet rest wasn't part of it.

This year, my grown daughter moved back home with her two little boys. Five months and seventeen months. The house is rarely quiet. There's always a baby that wants grandma. There's always a dishwasher that is clean and a backlog of dirty ones to go in it. There's always a floor to clean, trash to take out, a meal to cook, and laundry. Lord, have mercy. The laundry!

She brought home her standard poodle. That makes three dogs in the house. If a bird flies past the patio doors, they bark.

And my husband still works from home. He hits the mute button to yell QUIET! and I do my best to silence dogs who, through years of ingrained instinct, simply must bark. A canine warning system of sorts.

And as I'm wading through all of this, I'm still trying to keep track of Jen. The tender-aged middle schooler. Clothes. Lunch money. Homework. Friends. Religion classes. Piano.

In between all of this, I'm wrapping up religion classes as well. Next year, I will probably be teaching and speaking and writing.

Yes, I hear the Holy Spirit calling. And He's saying, "You can do far more than you think you can."

Stop coasting. You know you've been doing that a bit. You think you need quiet time and deserve some peace. Well, you'll still get it. I'll always be waiting for you in the Adoration Chapel.

But right now, I have a lot for you to do. And you're ready. You are more ready than you realize.

You can do far more than you think you can do. Hold on tight. Grab my hand. I'll show you what I mean.

It is crazy how exciting this all is. I can't wait for this week. For this summer. For next fall. I mean it. I can hardly wait!


  1. Thanks Denise...Challenging post. I have been coasting-- hoping for a little 'deserved' peace and quiet.
    Sometimes we just need that exhortation that we can do more than we think.
    Blessings and +PAX


  2. ...and then there are those of us with too much quiet and are waiting, listening, longing for our call. My, our Lord does have His ways and indeed a specific challenge for each of His children.