Thursday, May 5, 2011

Open Letter to Kathleen Turner

So I get this email today from someone who tells me that I'm to contact Kathleen Turner. He knows it, like Abraham knew he was supposed to leave Ur of the Chaldees, like Joshua knew how many times to walk around Jericho, like John the Baptist knew that his cousin was the Lamb of God. He was that sure.

He didn't know how I was to find her contact information or what I was to say, exactly. He simply knew that I was supposed to do it.

There are some who would have deleted that email tout de suite.

But my friend had me thinking. How hard could it be to find Kathleen Turner's email address. After a few googles, I realized that it is harder than one might think.

Then I wondered, what's her story. Is there a possibility that I have anything to say to this woman I only know from the big screen? Ms. Turner, I liked Peggy Sue Got Married. I'm like that about high school memories. Rather sentimental myself.

I saw Romancing the Stone. We still watch it when we see it listed on the Direct TV movie list.

That about sums up what I know about Kathleen Turner. So I did a little research. What, if anything, would I have to say to this star?

Kathleen Turner, the celeb spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. Well, I didn't know that.

Still working. Still on stage. Still travels and speaks. Good for you.

And then I hit the quote. Kathleen Turner has been in two shows in 2011, playing a Catholic mother in one and a foul-mouthed nun in the other. She calls this year her "Year of Catholicism".

Okay. Now I have a lot to say. Is it possible, Ms. Turner, that grace is trying to knock at your door? Is there a chance that you might be stumbling - even fumbling - along the journey of grace.

Because, if so, I do have something to tell you. It is the best Yes you will give. It beats every Yes you've ever given to anyone. To any thing. It's a do-over moment.

A Peggy Sue moment.

A chance to encounter the greatest Mystery humankind has ever encountered this side of eternity. The Eucharist.

So, Kathleen, if you're out there, pick up a Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Paragraph 30.

God has made us for Himself... and we are restless until our hearts rest in Him.

The greatest love story. The greatest Romance. God's love for the Church, built on the rock.

Romancing the Petra. I have found the rock. Kepha.



  1. Wow!!!!I hope you find her;she needs your God enthusiasm.We all do.
    Once I was led to contact the former Falcon quarterback Steve Bartkowski.I didn't do it,but someone must have picked up the baton because he became a crazily in love with Christ Christian.You,go,girl

  2. Great advice! I hope this reaches her.