Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amen, Amen I say to you...

I read the following definition of the word "Amen" today. If you think of it in the context of Holy Communion - that moment when we bow and say "Amen" as we receive Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament - then the definition is so profound the mind can hardly grasp it.


The word ‘mn (amen) embraces a variety of meanings…It includes the meanings truth, firmness, firm ground, ground, and furthermore the meanings loyalty, to trust, entrust oneself, take one’s stand on something, believe in something; thus faith in God appears as a holding on to God through which man gains a firm foothold for his life.  Faith is thereby defined as taking up a position, as taking a stand trustfully on the ground of the word of God.
- Pope Benedict XVI


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