Sunday, February 13, 2011

Asking Mary for Help

A few years ago, I consecrated myself to Mary. At the most fundamental level, this simply means that I give all that I have to give... to Jesus Christ... but I ask that my meager gifts pass through the hands of the Blessed Mother before finally coming to rest at Our Lord's feet.

I did not make this consecration without serious thought.

I read about it.

I prayed about it.

And I waited upon the Lord.

I don't get this, I prayed. I don't understand why it is a good thing at all - this consecrating myself to Mary. Isn't it precisely the kind of thing that used to bother me about Catholics? It's all about Jesus. Focus on Christ. Then, when I became Catholic, I realized that Mary is my Mother. And I realized that it is not wrong to show love and respect for Our Lord's Mother. It is, in fact, good and proper and rightly ordered.

But what about consecration to Mary? That's taking it all a little too far, right? Give your gifts to Jesus. Take them to Him directly. Place them at His wounded feet.

So, I prayed, Lord, show me that it is good and proper and rightly ordered - or I will not make this consecration.

And the Magi entered the house. They carried precious gifts for the King of kings. Gold. Frankincense. Myrrh. And they placed these gifts at the feet of Mary. They knew that the gifts would pass through the hands of the Lord's Mother. And they were okay with that.

God was okay with that. In fact, it was God who had led them every step of the journey, a journey ending at this Home - the Home of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I still offer everything to Jesus. As the Magi did so long ago, I place those treasures that are mine to give... at the feet of the Blessed Mother.

And I reach out and clasp her hand in mine, and I give it a squeeze, saying, "It's for your Son. All I ask is that you make it better than it is . . . these little trinkets I have . . . and then, offer them on my behalf."
That's me...holding the flowers.
Which one of the children
are you?

I like it here - under her Mantle. It is safe here.

And I am close to her Immaculate Heart. She listens to me. She hears me when I'm praying. And she takes my prayers, my deepest desires, and lays them before Christ as well.

Mary, you know my heart. Once again, I beg of you to present my petitions to your Son. All for the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

In union with your Immaculate Heart.


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful explanation and for sharing your journey to Mary as our mother, who will never abandon us.

    I'm linking.

    God bless!