Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Prayer - from one who is standing at the threshold of eternity

If you scan the column at the right, you will see a picture of Fr. Kirk Larkin. I have asked all of you to pray for him as he is probably facing his last Christmas with his family. Fr. Larkin was diagnosed less than a year ago with a stage four brain tumor. I am blessed to be part of his CaringBridge journal, and the note he posted tonight really puts all of the Advent preparations into right order. And so, I share a piece of Fr. Larkin's Christmas prayer with you. Please continue to pray for him and for his family.

To me, everything seems just a little different this year.  So often I would get caught up in work, family, Christmas gifts or any number of other things that are not of real importance.  This is nothing more than focusing on my human needs rather than my Spiritual…which is always a struggle for me.  But thanks be to God, at this point in my life, nothing is more important to me than praising God and giving Him the glory that is due to Him and Him alone.
  When I am able to turn things over to God, my life not only seems to be more fulfilling, but it is also most pleasing to God Himself.  I pray that you will find the joy and happiness that only God can provide us in a special way.
-Fr. Larkin, Advent 2010


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