Monday, November 15, 2010

No Fail Divinity

Soon, we will celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King. So, today, I decided to make divinity and meditate on this Feast Day.

I chose a recipe called No-Fail Divinity - because I've never attempted to make this home-spun candy. I wanted to ensure success. Well, it is possible to fail at No-Fail Divinity. I've proven that in my own kitchen.

The mess is salvageable, though. It yielded the tastiest marshmallow creme.

So often, my efforts to say yes to the Divine One end in a bit of a mess. I realize that I did something wrong. Didn't quite carry the thing out as written. But even when I try to say yes to God, though I might make mistakes along the way, good things happen.

Sure, we don't have bragging rights, but is that really so bad?

God does not promise that we won't fail. He knows we will fail sometimes. Thank God for divine mercy when we do fail.

For He can turn our mistakes into something beautiful. It might not be what we expected. It might not even be what we were hoping for.

But that's okay.

Give God your successes AND your failures.

This afternoon, I think I'll have some hot chocolate with a dollop of homemade marshmallow creme. And I'll ponder the Divine Christ, Our King, who loves me and gives me little jobs to do even though I sometimes mess up.

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