Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Take a Second Look at Elizabeth - She's on fire!

Elizabeth Westhoff and I were in graduate school together. She was single, and I was a divorced mother of three. We knew of each other, but we didn't really know each other.

I'm not sure what she was like outside of classes, and she didn't know that I was the daughter of a Protestant minister and the former wife of a United Methodist minister.

I don't know if she was living for Christ at that time, but I wasn't. That's for sure.

Our worlds only intersected at school, and after school, not at all.

Fast forward sixteen years, and our worlds come together again.

Elizabeth is the Director of Marketing and Mission Awareness for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. She began working for the Archdiocese 9 years ago.

Eight years ago, I converted to the Catholic Church. I became a Catholic writer.

She was hired under Raymond Cardinal Burke (Archbishop at that time), and I was received into the Church when he was shepherd of the St. Louis flock.

God works in strange ways. We found each other through Facebook about a year ago. Since then, I have been amazed by everything Elizabeth touches. I love her work. My heart fills with joy when I see what God has done in and through her. And I am in awe of the God who is working at all times to form us for His service - even when we're sitting in a poetry workshop class on a secular campus, thinking that the class is worth very little save the three credits we will bank at the end of the semester. When we think we're just living life one day at a time - that's when God is at work and has His eyes on us and on what He has planned to accomplish 16 years down the road.

Please take the time to read what Elizabeth Westhoff has written. You can find her most recent post here. I tell you, it will light a fire within you.

We are in this battle together, even though sometimes life seems to meander and have no moments of clarity. God is at work in each of us and has called us to serve Him.

When we do that, we are fused together with every part of the Body of Christ--

and those who once were faces-in-the-crowd become brothers and sisters-- like Elizabeth.


  1. Denise, I'm very blessed that God put you on my path. And you're right, that poetry workshop was a waste of time. Hah!!! Keep up the good fight, good and faithful servant, and friend of mine!

  2. Amen, my friend! All for Christ and His Church!