Monday, June 17, 2013

Best Way to Bring Fallen Away Catholics Back

I attended the Archdiocese of St. Louis Evangelization Conference last Saturday. It was an inspiring day of talks and videos, panel discussions and round-table brainstorming.

My biggest take-away? The best way to share your faith is to share the joy of being Catholic. Do you love Mass? Do you hunger for quiet Adoration time? Do you get a little stronger and feel a little better when you dip your fingers in the holy water font?

Then tell someone.

When you share with others, don't just share the theology. Share the joy.


Talk to God more about your friend (family member) than you talk to your friend (or family member) about God. In a word: pray.

And the best prayer (outside of the Holy Mass) is the Rosary.

Here's a challenge for you. Promise to pray the Rosary every day (or as often as you possibly can) for the conversion of someone you love. If you have multiple people to pray for, attach one person to every decade of the Rosary. For example, I have five other people in my family. Each one gets a decade.

I came into the Church in 2005. In 2006, my youngest child followed me into the Church. In 2008, my husband followed me into the Church. On Pentecost 2013, another daughter came into the Church. At Easter Vigil, my grandson was baptized in the Catholic Church. This summer, another grandson will be baptized.

Take the Rosary challenge. And see what happens.

And during the challenge, be sure to offer this person as a petition/intention when you receive Holy Communion. Make a deliberate offering as you walk forward to receive Christ. Spiritually, take that person in your heart and, when you take Jesus inside of you, talk to Him about this one you love. Feel the peace of Christ in this moment. Jesus will take up your burden and leave you with peace.

Do you have faith?

Then go to Jesus with your request.

Conversion is real. It is possible. And grace is made available to you through praying the Rosary and receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

Share the joy and pray, pray, pray.

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