Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Faithful Mother

I have given the Blessed Mother all of my most difficult petitions. I don't know why. I guess it's because, somewhere deep inside, I know that mothers can handle the worst of the worst.

They don't give up.

And when it comes to family, they know how to love with fierce passion.

So, maybe that's why I have given the Blessed Mother my most difficult petitions.

When I entered the Catholic Church, my first petition was the conversion of my little girl. I wanted her to come into the Church early so that she would have no inherited bias against the Church. I wanted her to grow up loving the Saints, and Mother Mary, and the Holy Father. I wanted her to grow up with an understanding of the One who waits for her in the Eucharist.

But my husband was Baptist, and he had other plans for our daughter.

Then, one day in the car, he said that it was time for Jennifer to become Catholic. I could call the parish and get her into PSR. He was thinking she would benefit from a Catholic high school education, but he didn't want her to feel like the oddball non-Catholic when she entered 9th grade--better to get her into the Church early so that she would feel like she fits in with everyone else. He was thinking about high school. I didn't care about his reasons. All I cared was that he had given his blessing, and Mother Mary had interceded well.

I also wanted my husband to enter the Church. But, like I said, he was happily Southern Baptist.

Then, one Christmas Eve, he handed me a Christmas card. Inside the card, his hand-written message said that he had changed his mind. He had been secretly studying with our RCIA instructor, and he had overcome every difficulty he'd once had with Catholic teaching. All I know is that he had told me once that he would never convert - but Mother Mary had interceded well once again.

I have prayed for two-and-a-half years for my grandson. He is not baptized. That's a great sorrow for any Catholic grandmother. Tonight, he will be washed clean. My precious little darling. Oh, how the

My older daughter and her two boys
Blessed Mother has interceded for me!

I have prayed for my grown daughter. She will enter the Church on Pentecost Sunday.

These are the conversions I prayed for after becoming Catholic. But the Blessed Mother was already interceding long before that.

I almost didn't become Catholic. Not very many people know that about me. But I was hung up on the Immaculate Conception, and I placed my first petition before the Blessed Mother eight months before I entered the Church.

I laid it on the line. If you are as they say you are - Immaculately Conceived - show me.

There was no way that she could answer this petition I presented. I asked her to give me a sign - and that sign was next to impossible to pull off.

Guess what. She answered that petition precisely as I had asked. It was so clear, so sure, so absolute... I entered the Church and haven't looked back.

She has proven herself a faithful mother whose greatest joy is in bringing my dear ones to the Eucharist!

Today is a day of great grace.

Once again, the Blessed Mother has interceded well.

Thank you, Holy Mother of God.

What can I give that would be a worthy gift for such a Mother?

Another convert?


Yes, indeed.

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