Friday, January 11, 2013

Eliana means God Answers Prayers

Dear Catholic Faithful,

Thank you for praying for our newborn granddaughter. As you know, doctors worked with her 9-12 minutes to get her breathing after a difficult delivery. This is the latest update from our son and daughter-in-law. We are begging for prayers. If you know anyone, personally or through social media, who prays.... please, please ask them to pray. It is also an encouragement to the new mommy and daddy when people follow-up saying they have heard their requests and will indeed pray.

This from Eliana's mommy and daddy:

This is Eliana, our precious daughter whose name means "God answers prayers." Please, please PRAY for her. She is better, but is not doing very well. She's not moving her left arm at all. Please pray it is not crippled. Also, she is having tests on her brain in the next few days. Please pray for a healthy brain, and pray for NO lasting effects like cerebral palsy. All I can do is cry because of so overwhelmed. God saved her life shortly after birth; the NICU people had said they didn't know if she'd survive, but the Lord graciously spared her. But we've still never held her, and have never heard her cry. She is on a ventilator because her ph is low and her carbon dioxide is too high. Her reflexes are getting better but aren't exactly strong. We cherish your prayers. Please, please thank The Lord for what He's done to help our miracle baby already, and beg Him for complete miraculous healing. Thank you.



  1. Denise, we will add Eliana and your whole family to our daily Rosary intentions. Try to be at peace. God is with you.
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  2. I am praying for little Eilana Noel right now! So sorry for all your family must go through, but what beautiful faith from Candice - yes, may God get the glory no matter what. And Lord, please let the "no matter what" be a happy ending with a healthy baby held by loving parents and grandparents and growing in grace year by year. Mother Mary, please intrecede and wrap baby Eliana in your mantle of love and protection. Amen