Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear Catholic Faithful, please pray!!!!!

Dear Catholic Faithful,

Last night, our granddaughter Eliana Noel was born. It was a difficult delivery, summed up best by my daughter-in-law (below). I beg you for prayers. These next three days, Eliana will be monitored as doctors seek to determine brain function and other possible damage. Anything is still possible, from no long term damage to more severe ramifications. If you would leave a note of encouragement for me and for the parents (Stephen and Candice), we would be grateful. Here is the note from Candice (new mommy):

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. So, Eliana was born with her umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck. She came out not breathing and without heartbeat for somewhere between 9-12 minutes. The incredible staff administered CPR and saved her life. But the lack of oxygen for that time period could cause brain damage, for which we're just going to trust God and pray for healing. Her shoulder also got caught during delivery, which could sometimes cause a crippling effect for life (again, we're just going to not freak out, and trust God's loving sovereignty). A lot of this is because she was a beautiful 9 pound, 9 ouncer, but I am so small she got twisted and cramped during delivery. Many good things so far, though. She is hyper and seems happy, and is moving all limbs (although one arm seems sore). She responded excitedly to Stephen's voice and to other tests from the doctors, which shows potentially good brain function. She is also not showing any signs of seizures. Please continue to pray for her as we are headed to Cardinal Glennon now. May God get the glory no matter what. -Candice and Stephen


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