Sunday, October 7, 2012

Year of Faith and little me

I feel a little like a kid on the bench, watching the coach for a sign that I might get to go in and help the team.

If you are Catholic and you know anything about the Year of Faith, you just might feel like I do.

The Church on earth is called to evangelize. And we are about to make the Good News known throughout the world. It all starts on October 11 and it doesn't end until November 2013! It's time to be Catholic with PURPOSE!

Promise God that you will share the Gospel message every time you get the chance to do it.

Promise God that you will speak up for Christ and His Church, no matter if you are with only one other person or if you are given the platform in the center of a stadium.

Promise God that you will use the talents you have been given for the building up of the Church and the spreading of Christ's message.

Promise God that you will receive the Eucharist often. Plan to take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Call your guardian angel to action. Seek the intercession of your Confirmation Saint. Pray the rosary often and with purpose.

Promise God that you will evangelize yourself!

Keep your eyes on the coach. Wait for a sign that you're up. And hit the field like you might never be there again.

What we do next matters. It may have eternal ramifications.

P.S. When you get tired and take your eyes off the ball, surround yourself with other Catholics who will pick you up and get you focusing on what really matters.

Thanks Beth, Maria, and Fr. Tom! You keep me going!


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