Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Use Journey Home Episodes in Middle School and High School Classrooms: Skylar Testa Lesson Plan

I recommend setting aside two Friday's of the month for the Journey Home Lesson Plans. You will cover one convert during each of these Friday sessions. Here's how to do it:
  1. Click on the link.
  2. Preview the whole show OR simply view the recommended times. (The minute-segments are the PRECISE segments that I show to my classes.)
  3. Before the students view the suggested segments, pass out the following handout. You may cut and paste this handout and create your own document. The answers are given in italics. I recommend that you make one ANSWER KEY that contains the italicized answers and then delete the italicized answers and print a STUDENT COPY. Students will use their copies for note-taking while viewing the suggested segments.

I hope that your students enjoy these Journey Home episodes which have been distilled into a series of segments that will hold their interest while 1.)building up their understanding of the Catholic Faith and 2.)giving them a glimpse into the why&how stories of many converts. I will post another show and lesson plan in a couple of weeks. Love your Faith -- and give your middle school & high school students a reason to love it as well!

Journey Home Show
For class viewing
First Segment: 0:00-14:00
Second Segment: 15:34-17:50 and 19:33-20:30 and 22:30-25:55
Final Segment: 29:02-31:21 and 33:13-37:07 and 39:20-39:32
Total viewing time: approximately 29 minutes

Convert’s Name: Skylar Testa

1.    1.    (Answers in First Segments)
Describe this convert’s previous faith formation.

 Mostly non-denominational background
Faith formation of his parents - father: Catholic & mother: Jewish
The parents set aside their faith heritage and began raising their family as Jehovah's Witnesses.
One of the three sons had special needs, and the family turned to a non-denominational church to fill their need for a vibrant faith. Later, the family began attending another non-denominational church that was charismatic (very lively style of worship).

2.   2.     (Answers in Second Segment)
What event or thought process led to the beginning of his conversion?

 Skylar began acting. His manager was Catholic. Eventually, he met a group of actors/producers who were Catholic, and he joined their Bible study.

3.    3.    (Answer in Second Segment, specifically in 22:30-25:55)
What obstacle did this convert have to overcome? What stood in his way in the process of conversion?

He was content right where he was. He felt happy with his personal relationship with the Lord. He describes it as being in a little boat that is comfortable--and it seemed unnecessary to jump from that little boat to the Mother Ship (Catholic Church) even though he was beginning to see some wonderful things in the Catholic faith.

4.     4.   (Answer in Final Segment, specifically 33:13-37:07 and 39:20-39:32)
What event finally prompted him to enter the Catholic Church?

On Valentine's Day 2007, Skylar had jury duty. He had been given a book by Dr. Scott Hahn called Rome Sweet Home. It sat on the shelf until the day of Skylar's jury duty. Skylar took the book with him to kill time. He was given enough time to read the entire book, and just like that, when he finished the last page, they said he could go. They didn't need him anymore for jury duty.

He entered the Church.


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