Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting a Crown on a Tooth - how to get through it

So you have a tooth that's needing the final restorative measure. A crown. You have exhausted the filling option. You aren't quite needing a root canal. But the thing needs a major overhaul.

And you're scheduled for a crown. First a drill around the tooth, removing all the minor repairs and existing decay.

Then a temporary crown.

And in two weeks - the final, personally-crafted crown will arrive and be put in place. You'll sigh deeply. That's over. And you will have managed to dodge the root canal.

Here are a few of my recommendations - just in case you are going in for this procedure.

1. On the drive to the dentist's office, sing praise songs. Yes, I mean it. I actually felt the joy of the Lord in my soul all the way to the dentist's office.

2. Don't arrive too early. You'll waste your spiritual benefits by turning to dentist office magazines. You want just enough time to sign in, sit down, and have your name called.

3. Relax. I have had only one panic attack in my life. It was when I had a wisdom tooth pulled. If I can get through this, you can. Now is the time for you to offer this up. I'm serious. Who do you want to offer this experience up for. Who do you want to shower with grace right now? Offer this little suffering up. Surely someone is working on a crown of glory, someone who is struggling right now. Somebody you know needs your intercession. Offer your crown for their crown in eternity. Or offer this up for someone you don't know; maybe there's someone who is at that last restorative measure spiritually. Offer it up for them. Just do it. Why let a moment like this go by? Rejoice in your suffer, for their sake, because it makes up for whatever is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his Body, the Church. Colossians 1:24

4. You'll experience some major drilling (what a terrible noise!), an impression of your tooth (that is really kind of a neat experience) and a temporary crown. The temporary crown feels great. The gums are a little sore. And that brings me to the next point.

5. Later that day, swish your mouth with warm salt water. The woman who fitted my temporary crown suggested it. It will reduce the inflammation of the gum line. And, it does seem to work. (I did take some Ibuprofen, because I have to go to a night class tonight. Not sure that I really needed it, though.)

You'll get through this. The important thing is to get through it - well. So, offer it up, with a joyful spirit.

All for the greater glory of God.



  1. Oh, my, this brings back painful memories. I have had three root canals without painkiller (am allergic to what I hear is wonderful stuff). I can also tell you that, surprisingly, the most painful part is the impression. That gunk stings big time. Of course, yanking out the nerves is not all that comfortable, either! But, as you say, one can get past it!

  2. Denise, I am all sympathy! I've had bum teeth all my life, and have undergone every imaginable dental treatment. (Except for a dental implant. I'd rather be toothless than allow someone to bore into my jawbone with a drill.) Your advice on "how to get through it" is precious, and I truly intend to follow all of your recommendations next time I need to have dental work done. (Which, by the way, will be as soon as I can get up the nerve to make an appointment to have my two broken teeth treated.)
    St. Apollonia, pray for us!

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