Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't you just LOVE Mary?!

I keep reading all these Recommended Pages to the right on my Facebook page. And they are mostly Christian, because most of my Facebook friends are passionately Christian - and primarily Catholic at that.

And, today, I'm also reading more from St. Augustine - Book 8. And he's talking about St. Paul - how we can say I love St. Paul because we who are righteous or pursuing holy living recognize in this saint that which we are seeking and striving.

One who is not righteous, for example, or does not know or care what it is to be righteous would never say, "Oh, don't you just love St. Paul!"

But I notice that while my Protestant family and friends are "Liking" the Bible and God and a host of other Recommended Pages, they don't "Like" the Mary pages.

If you hang around Evangelical Protestants, you are likely to hear someone say, "Don't you just LOVE St. Paul!"

You never hear anyone say, "Don't you just LOVE Mary!"

So St. Augustine has me thinking. Is this because we didn't (as Protestants) recognize her as holy or righteous or even remotely approaching the level of a Saint Paul? Really? Is that it? No. I suppose it has more to do with a rejection of Marian theology, which they believe is excessive at best and heretical at worst.

So that makes me sad.

All Christians should rise up and call her blessed. Let's encourage them to say it. Just try to say it. She's holy, right? Righteous. Of course. Let that speak to your soul. It's not that hard, really. My goodness, look at her. She risked everything to say yes to God.

She could have been stoned to death.

She could have been left without the guardianship of a spouse.

She could have died of sorrow at the foot of the cross.

Don't You Just Love Mary?!


Go ahead. Hit the LIKE button when you see it on Facebook. If you can say it about St. Paul or the Bible or God, why can't you proclaim that you LIKE LIKE LIKE Mary?

Or maybe, simply consider what one reader had to say:
“If you’re stumped or mystified by Mary, why don’t you pray to Jesus to show you, teach you, about Mary?”


  1. I've just been over at O Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New were you were highlighted as part of "Pay it Forward". I told Joan that I don't like Mary! I LOVE Mary! I haven't really noticed who likes or doesn't like Mary, but I've always loved Mary, and choose it as my confirmation name.

    You should read some of the great links at "Pay It Forward" There are some great blogs (like yours) and bloggers (like you) being highlighted. I hope you have time to stop by and check it out!

  2. I LOVE this post. Thank you. Mary is a great teacher. :-)

  3. LOVE Mary, Denise. Glad to have found your blog via Joan's "O Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New" blog.