Sunday, November 22, 2009

Children Fallen Away From the Catholic Church? We should try this campaign in the US.

( The bishops' conference of England and Wales is sponsoring a campaign uniting mothers everywhere who pray for their children to come back to the Church for Christmas.

The bishop encouraged all people, but mothers in particular, to participate in a novena of prayer from Dec. 12 to Dec. 20.

He added, "By the grace of God let's pray that thousands experience a deep encounter with the living God and that the invitations we issue to 'come home' are warmly received."
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  1. Why do you think so many children have fallen away from the Church?

  2. I am guessing that you are interpreting "children" to mean young sons and daughters. I was referring to our grown children, those sons and daughters who are not practicing the Faith they were raise in.

    And that is something that grieves many parents.